What We Offer

What We Offer


Mountain Top Builders was founded in 2000. While the company has evolved past its humble one-man beginning our values and quality have remained true. We strive to provide every client with the expertise and personal attention that a successful project requires. MTB offers design and construction services for any size project from a single bathroom to whole house renovations and additions.

MTB understands that building or remodeling your home is a complicated and expensive endeavor and can be a stressful time. We strive to streamline the process to make it as affordable, as painless, and as efficient as possible. We also strongly believe in transparency of the process and make every effort to show clients where and how their budget is being used. Building or remodeling your home is a rewarding experience that adds both value and your personal touches to your largest investment and MTB can help you make it happen.

Mountain Top Builders

What We Offer


We offer expertise in all phases of a project.


You have to start somewhere and a project is only as successful as thought that goes into it. At MTB we scrutinize every detail of a project well before any nails are driven or boards are cut. We strive to make the estimates as transparent as possible and walk clients through their project one line item at a time. Before work begins we make sure you understand exactly what is covered by the scope of work and how much each detail will cost. All clients, regardless of the size of the project, are furnished with a detailed scope of work document that details every part of the project, an estimate that corresponds line by line to the scope of work, and in most cases a preliminary schedule so they understand the flow of the project.

What We Offer

Jobsite Management

At MTB we recognize there is a job to be done but not at the expense of your property and relationships with you neighbors. We pride our selves on our approachability and communication. We make every attempt to introduce ourselves to your neighbors and do our best to minimize impact on them. Also we maintain a clean safe jobsite during all phases of a project and work with homeowners to minimize impact to their property with regards to material and debris storage, staging, excavation, and dust mitigation. We want clients and neighbors to feel that we have been invited to their property and neighborhood and that everyone would like to invite us back again.

What We Offer


Pen, paper, and ideas are the beginnings of any project and at Mountain Top Builders our in house design services can be just that the start to your project. From napkin sketches to complete plan sets we have you covered through out all phases of the design process and with design and construction under one roof projects easily transition from planning to inception. Let Design/Build at MTB marry your personal style with our creative touch to create a new truly great space.

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